Thank you for the movie “Twist of Faith” premiered on February 9 as part of Black History Month. What an inspirational, lovely and funny family movie. The cast was well-chosen and the music was amazing and creative (can;t wait until the sound track is available). I haven’t been this excited about watching a movie-which has been a million, a trillion times- since the Love Comes Softly mini-series televised on Hallmark Movie Channel. Life is too short. People die tragically, unexpectedly, young and old. The movie beautifully shows how the goodness of God is always working to heal the broken-hearted. And GOD was doing just that when Jacob and Nina came together. Absolutely fantastic!

I look forward to the next chapter of this television movie (or hoping Lighthouse Pictures and the writers are considering a sequel). How do these two families come together? How their love for each other grows with GOD at the center? Does Jacob convert or do the two of them use their differences /interfaith to strengthen the family? Again, thank you for the movie “Twist of Faith”.

Many Blessings,

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Every day I made tentative plans to return to Vancouver to join with you in the making of our movie, The Wishing Tree, but events overtook me and made it impossible. But I have been in touch with Terry, Jamie, and Professor Shore and viewed the dailies which in my opinion are extraordinary. I believe we will have a very good movie, a movie we will all be proud to have our name on.  And for that I thank all of you for your effort, expertise and care for detail  and I mean every department: art, camera, casting, continuity, wardrobe, craft service, electric, grip, hair, make up, locations, props, post, sound, transportation, accounting, the production office, the assistant directors, special effects, stunts, catering.

There are a few people who I give a special thanks.

Jamie, Kevin and Kevin. You were the first guys I met when I was looking for a home to make The Wishing Tree. You introduced me to the people who eventually became the makers of the movie. And you approached every day with enthusiasm, with confidence, and with high hopes. Clearly without you the movie that we will eventually have would not have been possible.

Alison. The first voice anyone hears when they wish to contact The Wishing Tree is yours. It is a voice that reflects who you are and what the picture and the people working on it represent. Professionalism, humility, confidence.

Renee. The physical look of the movie, its sense of reality and wonderment, is a result of you and the set decorators’ making.

Kim. A few close confidantes of mine have looked at some of the dailies and all say the same thing. It does not look like a television movie. How did you do that? The answer is 2 words—Kim Miles, an artist who paints with light and shadow.

Bev. With almost no money your wardrobe speaks as loudly to characters as the words written and the action of the actors.

Professor Shore. Your work continues but as I knew from the moment I met you the movie and I are so  lucky to have you and the people you have suggested—Lisa and Hal. We have much to do and I look forward to further collaboration

Terry. A director requires many talents. Leadership, storytelling, technique, a sense of priorities, and humanity.  You have soared in all arenas. Like everyone else on this movie I never knew you until Jamie and the Kevins introduced us. I am lucky to have met you, I am lucky that you are the director, and I am lucky that we in such a short time we have bonded.

You can have all the elements that are necessary to make a good movie but if you do not have the actors you have nothing. Maureen, you brought us an incredible cast. Every actor, actress  so on the money, but yet unique.  Michael and I could not have dreamed of anyone other then what we have. In this regard one actor requires special note. We all know who that is. It is my very good friend, Jason Gedrick.

Jason, you have embodied our lead character, Evan Farnsworth with pathos, leadership, heart, courage, and humility. You have set an example to all the actors working on the movie as to how to act as a professional. This is our 2nd movie together.  It will not be the last.

Thank you again and I hope you and your families have a happy holiday season and that your “Great Expectations” will be realized in 2012.

Dan Blatt